Management Brains behind the success

Companies don't build brands. People build Brands.

We have been fortunate enough to attract some of the best talent in the country. These are just some of the key people entrusted with the job of keeping the Rajgreen Infrastructure name farthest from the competition and within our consumer's hearts.
Mr. Sanjay Movaliya Executive Director
Mr. Sanjay Movaliya being in the Construction Industry for more than decade has been a mentor of several business domains under the Rajhans Group of Companies with business in Oil, Construction, Hospitality and Entertainment Industries. Mr. Sanjay is the key person in expanding the horizon of the group along with imbibing newer technologies into business which compliments his globetrotting experience in business.
Mr. Alpesh Kotadia Executive Director
Mr. Alpesh Kotadia inherited a fundamental understanding of the construction business from his wide experience of 20 years in construction and development infrastructure. He believes that it's not only the construction of a stunning building that defines the success of a project – the creation of a solid reputation and relationship within the community matter above all else. (The success of a project is not only defined by construction but by creation of a solid reputation and relationship within the community matter above all). Incharge of daily operations and business development for Green Group, he has developed Green Group and keep daily business operation moving forward efficiently with his hard work, administration and concentration in Real Estate Finance and Construction Management.
Mr. Manoj Movaliya Director
Mr. Manoj Movaliya is the key person in Project management of the Group, a dynamic person and key administrator to push project deadlines. Mr. Manoj is also one of the Directors in Rajgreen Group who has multitude of experience in various domain in which the group has ventured. Mr. Manoj has several years of experience of commencing to transferring huge Infrastructure and Entertainment projects. He plays a strategic role in initiating and conceptualizing the new projects under Rajgreen Infrastructure.
Mr. Mitesh Movaliya Director
Mr. Mitesh Movaliya is the key person in operation and management at the Entertainment Joints in Rajhans. He compliments the synergy of operations along with other team mates of operation group. His commitment is at par with others with his experience into Rajgreen Infrastructure suiting best to the services vision of the Rajgreen Infrastructure Group. Mr. Mitesh also takes care of routine operation management responsibilities at Rajgreen Infrastructure.
Mr. Atul Kotadia Director
Mr. Atul Kotadia is highly experienced person in construction and sales. He is looking after administration of office, selling of the flats and financial matters and dealing with the clients.
Mr. Alpesh Patel Director
Mr. Alpesh Patel is an expert in managing the overall project with experience of more than 12 years. He has taken keen interest in setting out perfection in every manner at construction site. He has wide knowledge, keen observation skill and long vision of future in construction.
Mr. Bharat PatelDirector
Mr. Bharat Patel is the brain and energetic person looking after all legal matters like title of land, transfer of properties and planning of financial matters and administrative function of the group. He interacted with the government and other. His extensive experience is one of the biggest assets for the company.