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We at RajGreen Group recognize the need for us to safeguard the privacy of the users using our website, Android app or/and iOS app. We are always striving to ensure that we can provide the best services to our esteemed users for joining hands with RajGreen group.
Collecting your personal information
We at RajGreen Group collect your personal information for offering you better facilities through our website and mobile applications. We want to give you personalized attention for all the transactions that you do with RajGreen Group.

We collect personal information like Name, Mobile Number, and Email Id etc. to provide you with the best facilities we can offer you through the online medium of the website and mobile application.
Protecting your personal information
At RajGreen group, you acknowledge that the information you give us has been given knowingly and voluntarily and that this information will be used for communication and other activities by RajGreen Group. However, this information will not be shared with any third party by RajGreen group.

From our end you can be sure that all your personal information is safe, however, we cannot guarantee the safety of your information.

As a user of the RajGreen Groups website and mobile applications, you acknowledge and accept this fact from your end and you are providing this information keeping this in mind.
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If you have any queries regarding this privacy policy, please feel free to call us on +91 261 2796400 or mail us on